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English Book Club


Exemplarische Projektarbeit zur kreativen Darstellung verschiedener Szenen aus dem Buch "The Great Gatsby" (2022/2023)

Projektgruppe 1:

In Chapter 5 of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, Nick invites Daisy over for tea. The reunion is charged with anticipation as they catch up on their lives and reminisce about the past. Gatsby, deeply in love with Daisy, eagerly waits nearby. As the tea progresses, Nick subtly invites Gatsby to his house, creating an opportunity for the two lovers to reunite. This pivotal scene sets the stage for emotional turmoil and explores themes of love and consequences.

Laura Blazevic (12W4), Sarah-Johanna Winterer (12W4), Samira Yoonis Saleban (12G2); Noelle Willrich (12S1)

Projektgruppe 2:

In a memorable scene from Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, Jordan confides in Nick about Daisy's encounter with a young soldier. Jordan reveals how Daisy fell in love with Jay Gatsby before marrying Tom Buchanan. Their passionate liaison ended due to societal expectations and class divisions. This scene provides insight into Daisy's character and sparks Nick's fascination with Gatsby. It unveils a web of relationships and unfulfilled desires, hinting at their profound impact on the characters' lives.

Aleksandar Andjelkovic (12S4); Ela Urgun (12S3);  Josiane Adjamgba (12W3)